We Just Can't Get Enough

Scripts and rehearsal notes from the creation of We Just Can't Get Enough

We Just Can't Get Enough is a collage of images and scenes, inviting the audience to view it as if they were sat at home, flicking through tv channels. A distortion of common place advertisements, pop music videos, News and films all fighting for the audiences attention. This was the first time I started a work by giving every performer a 'character' and asking them to bear this character in mind throughout the creation of the work.

Roisin and Jess's Script V3

This script was a created by pulling together a few interviews between various politicians and interviewers and then distorting it. I find that using found text is one way to echo in the performance what is going on outside - in the real world. This is not the finished version of the script but one of the many iterations of it on its journey to being complete.

R: Well, well, well, Labour Party on the run

J: That claim is goobless

R: whit I dew new is heee

J: Looks, alternative feeks are not frocks, they’re flukefods.

R: Do you tank

J: Now if I could just intereept

R: falsehoods, flibber flubber and farage do exist

J: False sandwhiches from the pruninistee irresponsible like that.

R: Peens of million muneys and time

J: Onohondro poonds to the SHN you say?

R: wheel first, wooney peooopleonies have losssssssst.

J: The ghooverment would you slay instead of being strong and stable is ‘hiccup’ weak and wobbly?

R: I once, I wee, I see millions of peopleonies have linaminmin.

Rehearsal 1, Task 1

1) Hand out each persons piece of paper with their character written on it, make sure they don’t tell each other what their papers say.

2)Get them to write for a short amount of time about what they’ve been given, what they associate with it etc.

3)Get into a circle, each person responds to their word with what they consider to be a literal representation but in one movement. The next person responds to the first persons movement, starting where that person had finished. The third person also responds ONLY to the first persons movement. This continues around the circle.

4) The second person in the circle performs their one movement that represents their character. Everyone creates a movement in response to this and joins it onto their first movement response.

Everyone has now built a solo phrase of about 9 movements.

Try out all these solos in the space, with half the group starting and ending each movement on the odd numbers of 1-8 counts, and the other half of the group starting and ending each of their movements on the even numbers of 1-8 counts.

If this doesn’t look ‘good’ then try setting a series of counts and getting everyone to match the movement to each count, for example, 1 count then 5 counts then 2 counts then 4.