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Eva Leemans

Introducing Eva

Introduce yourself; where are you from, how did you get into dancing?

I‘m Eva, I grew up in Belgium where I started to dance at a young age. I came to Leeds when I was 22 to study at NSCD. After graduating I moved to Berlin, where I am currently based as a freelance dancer.

Describe Post Truth Whatever in 3 words

What is real?

Can you describe what the creation process has been like so far?

The creation process has been a lot of fun as well as very challenging. The material we‘re working with is quite complex, and as we started to put everything into a structure where we had to perform, operate the lights, laptop and projector and cue each other at the right moments, our brains were really struggling to keep up. At the same time, we all get along really well and we could lift each other up on difficult days, for example with some one-song boogies.

Watching the documentary Hypernormalisation during the process and talking about it in relation to the piece made me question and realise a lot of things about myself and the world we live in, which was very interesting to bring into the piece and into my performance.

Give a short description of the piece

Post Truth Whatever takes place in a broadcasting centre run by three women, whose job it is to present to you images of on-screen and off-screen reality.

What will you take away from this process?

I think what I’ll take away from this process is mainly questions at the moment:

  • How can I prepare/take care of my body and my mind in constantly changing circumstances?

  • How can I stay connected to what I need, whilst giving the other people involved in the process what they need from me?

  • How can I clearly communicate, clarify, ask questions in a fast-paced process?

  • How can I, in everyday life, help in getting us out of this fake world as described in Hypernormalisation?

  • What is my place in this fake world?

What can the audience expect when they come to see the show?

Laughter, confusion, discomfort.

If you had to rename the piece, what would you name it?

Everything is just fine

If you were to liken the work to another, which work would it be similar to and why?

This Really is Too Much by Gracefool Collective. I think both works have a similar way of presenting the world as a place that seems great, where everything is going according to plan, but with a dark and sarcastic undertone.


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