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Ayça Turgut

Introduce yourself; where are you from, how did you get into dancing?

I am from Turkey, Istanbul.

Dance has always been a part of my life, sometimes with joy, sometimes to navigate negative emotions.

I never liked straight lines so moving my limbs allowed me to create my own reality in between.

When I was in primary school, coming home to put on my favourite music channel and start moving was the favourite time of my day so I guess my mom saw that and put me into an audition for conservatoire. Hence my professional dance training started through classical ballet in Istanbul. After highschool I decided to continue my training with contemporary dance because I knew I needed to find more freedom to express myself. Since than my journey with dance keeps on growing and I keep on unlearning.

Describe Post Truth Whatever in 3 words

Layered, serious, pink

Can you describe what the rehearsal process has been like so far?

We learned a lot of new information in a short amount of time which can be challenging for my post-pandemic brain sometimes but overall it has been very exciting to be around artists who are curious and hungry for different perspectives.

What can the audience expect when they come to see the show?

- A familiar confusion.

- To be convinced that everything makes sense, until it doesn’t again.

- Honest lies.

If you were to liken the work to another, which work would it be similar to and why?

Nachthexen by Jens van Daele. I have seen this piece in my first year as a contemporary dance student and it really broaden my vision of what a dance piece can be. It was political, visual, audial, wild and empowering, and I feel like Post Truth Whatever has all of this elements in it too.


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