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Annie Kelleher

Where are you from, how did you get into dancing?

I’m from Ipswich where I got into dancing by attending classes at DanceEast where I learnt dance routines to Lady GaGa music videos.

Describe Post Truth Whatever in 3 words

visual digital fuckery

Can you describe what the rehearsal process has been like so far?

fun/ joke answer if you know lady Gaga:

dance, run, another run, post, another post, tea, no coffee, another tea, lights, cameras, costumes, dancing, barking, another run.

Serious answer:

It’s been a fun process getting to know the performance and get to put my own stamp on my solo.

It’s been a lot of learning counts then unlearning counts and finding a cohesive rhythm as a team.

I’ve loved using and learning more about lights and stage management as a company.

What can the audience expect when they come to see the show?

It’s a thought provoking show and the audiences will for sure come away having been moved by the content. It’s got some awesome technological visuals.

If you were to liken the work to another, which work would it be similar to and why?

It looks like Legally Blonde meets The Matrix


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