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We were the world. Debris of us lay at our feet.

Surrounded by sand and rubble

Old and new Gods emerge

Projected into the sky

All that is left is this


Estimations and approximations

History of devastation and destruction

Try to conjure up images of the past

Try to remember


Welcome to Discopia, a mesmerising dance theatre production, masterfully intertwining ecological unraveling and the ascent of AI. Witness the delicate dance between hope and despair, as the threads of the past unravel, inviting us to ponder the potential of a transformed future. 


Teetering on the edge of the uncanny and steeped in surrealism, the audience is pulled into a hallucinatory tapestry of the past, present and future. Equal parts beautiful, humorous and horrifying, Excessive Human Collective joins the collaborative forces of renowned chamber group Larisa Trio, and rising composer Devon Bonelli to bring you this unforgettable sensory experience. 

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