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We were the world, debris of us lay at our feet

All that is left is this, echoes, estimations, and approximations.

Try to conjure up images of the past.

Try to remember.


Discopia 3 was made collaboratively with students from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance.






Tabie Addae Boateng, Jesse Baggett Lahav, Birgitte Brinchmann Steen, Dacosta, Connor
Cropley, Kitty Dickinson, Cody Elston, Lia Garner, Autumn Gilding Hewitt, Maisie Gregory,
Isabella Knight, Jacob Marks, Daria Souster, Emma Sporton, Tekitha [TK] Traniece, Anne van
der Helm, Isobelle Webb, Genevieve Wright

Lighting Design: Mark Baker

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