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BTTF.EllyWelPhotography-193 Large.jpeg
BTTF.EllyWelPhotography-193 Large.jpeg

Back to the Fuchsia III

Fade to Black

One final chance to experience the sensory overload that is Back to the Fuchsia. Immerse yourself in a performance that revives the hyperreal: a copy of a copy of a copy in which the original has been lost... or never existed to begin with. A disco fever dream, where anything can happen and nothing is real. But it is real. Right?


IDEA AND DIRECTION: Imogen Reeve, Joseph Mercier

CHOREOGRAPHY: Imogen Reeve, Joseph Mercier  in collaboration with the performers

Performers:  Third year students, Northern School of Contemporary Dance

LIGHTING DESIGN: Charlotte Woods

SOUND DESIGN: Imogen Reeve, Joseph Mercier

BTTF.EllyWelPhotography-122 Large.jpeg
BTTF.EllyWelPhotography-100 Large.jpeg
BTTF.EllyWelPhotography-173 Large.jpeg
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